We really enjoy exploring and discovering.

Our local knowledge is our main value. We have been in the area for over 15 years, working in tourism, but most importantly, getting to know hidden corners and falling in love more and more deeply with Patagonia.

We agree when our guests tell us we have dream jobs guiding private tours and trekking adventures.

We often travel the routes we offer, for our own pleasure, and to remind ourselves why we are here. We keep discovering places that we would like to make part of new STEPPA experiences.

 1 . LOCAL GUIDES & NATURALISTS                           


We are accredited, experienced local guides and naturalists.

We hold a role as storytellers who can bring landscapes to life. So they are no longer just beautiful pictures: they have stories and names and are connected to everything else by amazing processes that are 100% alive.

We believe that Nature and Culture are much better appreciated when deeply understood and wholly taken in.

 2 . VEHICLES                                                                  


Your safety and comfort are our priority.

Our driving skills are totally reliable.

Our vehicles are flawless and generously stocked with delicacies for the journey.

Laguna Rodas in Sierra Baguales
PUERTO NATALES - CHILE - +56 9 74791927