the bluest grey


In the morning we will head north along the Fjord of Última Esperanza, passing by lakes and forests, with the Patagonian Andes on our side. When the sky is clear, the spires and granite peaks of Torres del Paine, are seen in the north at every turn. A bit further, we will contour the banks of the enormous and deep blue Lake Del Toro.


Once inside Torres del Paine National Park, we will continue toward the northwest to visit its greenest and more lush areas. We offer two hiking options: a strenuous ascent to a high look-out, that allows us to have an aerial view of the Paine mountains, the magnificent mosaic of lakes each a different shade of blue, and icebergs floating in Lake Grey; or a walk in the forest, alongside a glacial river - a green trail that smells like wet soil, full of life, leading to a fairytale waterfall at the end.


After a delicious lunch, we will walk on Lake Grey’s southern beach, to discover blue icebergs, the most amazing floating sculptures. The translucent blue-turquoise colour of ice in contrast with the greyish water, the snowed mountains as a background, really take your breath away: a scenery that is full of power, splendor, incredibly wild and remote.

In this area it is possible to take a boat ride on the lake to get amazingly close to Glacier Grey. This is an unforgettable experience, unlike any other.


For those who do not wish to take the boat, we have different afternoon hike options. We suggest walking up to a viewpoint to see the River Paine pouring its braided green waters into the blue Lake Del Toro, creating a precious gradient of turquoise hues.

In the horizon, the snowed Andes and the Southern Patagonian Icefield complete the perfect picture.


We will return to Puerto Natales by the same road.


Total time:         10-11 hours

Hiking time:       from 3 to 7 hours, optional

Difficulty:            all levels