wild Rincón


From Puerto Natales we will get deep into the Patagonian steppe, taking Route 9. Once we have passed the historical border village of Cerro Castillo, we will take a rustic road on the foothills of Sierra del Cazador, across several estancias.

With the mountains, the golden steppe, and a meandering river as a background, we will witness the silent glide of condors, watch rheas and flocks of sheep cross the road, guanacos grazing at the pampas and flamingoes wading in the shallow lakes around us.

The scenery is immense and varied,  inviting photography enthusiasts to fill up their cameras with shots.


The road becomes a track, leading us higher, and offering unexpected views of lakes, mountain peaks, glaciers, and the Torres del Paine group sticking out from the landscape. 

We will observe that wildlife is more abundant and truly wild in this area.

The track disappears by a last gate, from which we can hike to the summit of Sierra del Cazador, or take a walk inside a wonderful mature forest that allows the most amazing views through the foliage.


We will follow guanaco trails towards the summit, immersed in a mountain landscape of total solitude. We will leave the steppe behind and ascend on scree slopes before we can get to the highest ridge. Once there, we will be surrounded by several curiously wind-eroded sandstone blocks, the perfect spot from which to enjoy this sublime 360-degree panorama.


This remote place is quite unexplored, one of the few corners still truly savage.

Ideal for photography enthusiasts.



Car drive:                              2.5 hours

Hiking time:                          3 to 4 hours

Difficulty:                               medium

Hiking distance:                    8.5 km (5.2 mi)

Initial hike altitude:               615 m (2,014 ft)

Maximum altitude:               1,011 m (3,316 ft)

Vertical ascent:                      485 m (1,591 ft)