In the morning we take Route 9 that passes by the village of Cerro Castillo. This used to be the main settlement within a big estancia. From there on, we go deep into the wild and remote Patagonian steppe.

With mountains and sky as a background, we will watch condors soar, rheas and flocks of sheep cross our way, and guanacos grazing on the pampas.


As we head further towards the northeast, we will see the very distinct silhouette of the Sierra Baguales get bigger and bigger (Bagual means “wild”).


At the base of the Cerro Tridente which is part of the Baguales range, we will find the Estancia “La Criollita”, where we will spend the day with a Patagonian family.


Led by a gaucho from La Criollita, we will ride on horseback through the pampas surrounded by mountain peaks. We will reach the border with Argentina, across the gold undulating steppe and fields of black shrubs. The place is so truly remote that it allows an authentic feeling of solitude.


Later we will sit by the Magellanic stove to share a mate and tortas fritas (fried bread) - or a lamb barbecue - with the family and gauchos.


The whole day at La Criollita will make us experience the day-to-day life of a gaucho in his land.



Car drive O/W:                        2.5 hours

Horseback ride:                       3 to 4 hours

Difficulty:                                  all levels