fossils track


From Puerto Natales we will get deep into the Patagonian steppe. With mountains and sky as a background, we will watch condors soar, rheas and sheep flocks cross our way, and guanacos grazing on the pampas.


As we head further towards the northeast, we will see the very distinct silhouette of the Sierra Baguales get bigger and bigger (Bagual means “wild”). The road gradually turns into a rustic track winding inside a magnificent canyon. The crystal-clear Río Baguales flows at the bottom.


In this isolated and wild area we will reach the “Parque Geopalentológico La Cumbre Baguales”. As we get closer to the Park we will find evidence of the last 65 million years of history of the Patagonian landscape formation.  


Following guanaco tracks through the hills we will discover several corners that are rich in a variety of fossils – petrified wood, leaves, shark teeth and sea shells. We will also find some impressive basaltic dikes that look like true walls.

We want to explore and discover the keys that help us understand how this superb landscape was built. 


Little hidden lakes give rise to the clearest rivers and creeks that flow down the slopes. Close to them we will be able to observe the different species of vegetation and fauna that are unique to this remote spot.


Our walk in this undulating steppe is really peaceful and quiet, away from it all.


Ideal for families who want to be a paleontologist for one day.


Car drive O/W:                2.5 hours

Hiking time:                     between 5 & 8 hours

Difficulty:                          medium-high

Distance:                          between 10 & 16 km (6.2 /10 mi)

Initial altitude:                  800 m (2,625 ft)

Maximum altitude:          1,170 m (3,839 ft)

Vertical ascent:                 500 m (1,640 ft)

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