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Rodrigo Díaz Cortés was born in Santiago de Chile where he got his degree as a Forest Engineer. He was always an outdoorsy person and was interested in World geography since he was very young.

His love for nature and travelling made him apply for a job in Torres del Paine in 2002: his experience started as a guide at Hotel explora in Patagonia. After 4 years in this region he co-founded an air-adventure company that offered scenic fly-around trips in Torres del Paine National Park and Southern Patagonia.

Later, he continued to host adventure trips in Chile, managing boutique hotels and acting as a guide in some of the most incredible natural and cultural settings in the country, including the UNESCO World Heritage port of Valparaíso, Cajón del Maipo, the closest valley to Santiago in the heart of the Andes, and the much-visited village of San Pedro de Atacama, in the middle of the driest desert on Earth. He also worked for a market leading tour operator in the lake district of Chile, negotiating the products and services offered to customers.

His many years of experience working and living all along Chile have made him an expert in his own country. His travels abroad, on the other hand, have made him realize how spectacular a geography and culture we have in Chile.


His love for Southern Patagonia brought him back on 2013. He was responsible for establishing and organizing excursions with emphasis on personalized service at the leading hotels of Torres del Paine National Park - explora and Awasi.


Rodrigo took up photography when he first came to Patagonia back on the year 2002, amazed by the views and scenery he discovered here. As an enthusiast photographer, apart from loving to hike to extreme places, he has learned to drive on tough challenging roads. His passion for remote corners and unique shots has made him able to drive on almost anything. He is an incredibly skillful driver.

He is certified as Wilderness First Responder (WFR) and speaks English fluently.

PUERTO NATALES - CHILE - +56 9 74791927